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How is the PEN system different from other diets

The P.E.N system is not a diet.

It’s a framework of 8 simple rules to live by, which will quickly reprogram your genes for virtually effortless weigh loss.

Quite simply, you will look and feel great, permanently, easily and naturally!

Will it work for me?


The P.E.N system will work for virtually everyone, every time.

This is because everyone’s genes are virtually identical, and the P.E.N system actually works on a genetic and cellular level to get you into shape fast.

Will I feel hungry?


Rule number #5 will ensure you do not go hungry. Click here to get Rules 5, 6, 7 & 8

Will I have to count calories?

NO, that’s stupid as it does not work long term.

We’ll let you eat lots and often!

Will I have to follow difficult exercise programs?

NO, that’s stupid as it does not work long term.

P.E.N rule number #6 is called “Ergo Exercise”, and it is so simple and easy to do, even if you’re 75 years old, you’ll be able to do it.

Our “Ergo Exercise” is really effective at helping you shed the extra pounds. We bet it’s more effective than any other exercise program you have ever seen.

We’re pretty sure you love it.


Now that you are satisfied the P.E.N system will help you look & feel great Click Here